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Training School

FreeSpirit offers a full training school within live operational environments that are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of your business and the individual, with specific on the job training.

We are the first caravan park management company to establish a partnership with a registered training organisation (RTO) – Federation Training – so that our employees (and those of other businesses that wish for us to train them) can undertake and be recognised with nationally accredited qualifications.We embrace that well trained teams are better equipped to provide a higher standard of service, as they are more confident in their approach to daily tasks.

We believe that staff members are the most important asset for achieving and maintaining quality customer service, both internally and externally. It’s simple, without them –there is no business. We expect staff to care for each other and their guests. The better service that is provided, the more rewards the business will reap. Contented guests ensure repeat and referred business.

In March 2012, FreeSpirit won the “CRVA Trainer of the Year for 2011” for outstanding contribution to Training within the Australian Caravan and Camping Industry.

We can come to you or you can come to us! FreeSpirit trainers are happy to work with any team member, manager or owner to upgrade their qualifications or simply strengthen a skill base.


  • Qualified Industry trainers
  • Certified training
  • Specific skill set training
  • Fee for service training
  • Specific on-the-job training
  • Human Resources Management training
  • Recruitment, Training, & Mentoring
  • Business coaching business skills training
  • Mentoring & Leadership
  • Team Building


Enquire about our W.O.W.S. program (Walk Out with Something), where you and your staff can gain something that is immediately useful.

We offer fully certified and accredited learning for many certificates/diplomas and currently we are able to provide training for the following:


Category Qualification
Holiday Parks and Resorts Certificate II/III/IV/Diploma
Hospitality Certificate II/III/IV/Diploma/Advanced Diploma
Business Diploma
Management Diploma
Human Resources Diploma
Tourism Certificate II/III/IV
Asset Maintenance Certificate II/III
  • Certificate II/Certificate II (Landscaping)
  • Certificate III/Certificate III (Parks & Gardens)

Workshops & Skill Sets

To ensure that staff do not “burn-out”,FreeSpirit encourages workshops to be held within and across all parks. This allows team members to build relationships with each other and ensure all knowledge is current and compliant.  These sessions act as a refresher to all and give most attendees a renewed enthusiasm.  It also encourages staff to remain with FreeSpirit (or you as an employer) which therefore reduces longer term costs of re-engaging and retraining.  FreeSpirit would love to show you how to maximise the value of a workshop.

Industry Alliance based training

FreeSpirit has formed an industry first liaison with Advance Tafe to act as the RTO (Registered Training Organisation) for us when we need further accreditation certificates.