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Tips for Increasing Guest Satisfaction Survey Conversion Rates

FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management

Feedback from your guests is invaluable; however, guests can also be inundated with requests to complete online surveys and unless there is something to make your request stand out, then most likely the guest will not bother with a reply. Follow these tips to combat “guest survey fatigue”:

1. Aim to improve email collection

a) Establish a clear process for collection of email addresses from your clients.
b) Train staff to collect accurate email data;
–  Incentivise staff if necessary and establish goals and offer small rewards when the desired results are achieved.
– Communicate and share achievements to assist with motivation.

2. Personalise your email and ensure that you have a compelling subject line

a) Capture your guest’s attention with clear short phrase/s in the subject line of your email invitation.
b) Include the domain name of your holiday park/resort to avoid confusion amongst guests receiving emails from an unusual address.
c) Personalise the message in the body of the email with the guest’s name and thank them for staying with you.
d) Consider incentivising your guest to complete the survey, make sure this is clear (take care that you do not violate any 3rd party/ social media conditions when offering an incentive).
e) To prevent invitations from going directly to the spam folder, avoid copy that can trigger filters.
f) Personalise the request using the guest’s main contact from your business.

3. Implement an effective survey design strategy

a) Identify what you want/need from your surveys. It is imperative that you find out what guests like and dislike so that you know where to spend to improve your business and your online reputation.
b) Survey must be visually appealing and specific to your property.
c) Focus on key areas and keep the survey short.
d) Use techniques that allow detailed feedback in as few questions as possible.
e) Guests are more likely to complete a survey when received in their native language.
f) Time it right. Send post-stay surveys within one to three days after checkout while the stay is still fresh in the guest’s mind and send no more than one reminder.

4. Surveys must be” mobile’ responsive

Never assume that guests will complete your survey on a computer. More surveys are answered on a mobile device these days so make sure that your survey is built with a responsive design to adapt to all types of devices, in both portrait and landscape format.

5. Monitor the number of completed surveys received and adjust features/design as necessary to increase rate of response

a) Identify which features drive the highest completion rates and generate the most valuable feedback.
b) Make sure your reporting allows completion rates to be tracked and take action if necessary. Do not keep sending out the same survey if your response rate is low.
c) Track increases in email collection rates as well as completion rates to your survey.
d) Track and report your progress on improving key operational and service issues and measure how this is impacting your overall guest satisfaction scores and online reputation.