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Since 4 July 2006, NRMA Motoring and Services has been in partnership with Ray and Yvonne in their capacity as principals of FreeSpirit Management, to manage our portfolio of caravan parks. Prior to these management roles, Ray and Yvonne provided great insight and advice in the selection of parks to be included in our portfolio of 4 parks - reaching from Treasure Island on the Gold Coast, to Merimbula in southern NSW. NRMA's properties, under FreeSpirit's management, have been developed into industry leading parks and acknowledged for their excellence by multiple tourism bodies including; Trip Advisor: Treasure Island, Best Hotel & Family Resort in the World 2012 Holidays with Kids: consecutive first place rankings in both NSW and QLD for Ocean Beach and Treasure Island respectively NSW Tourism Awards 2012: Merimbula Beach, was awarded silver in the Tourist & Caravan Park category Under Ray & Yvonne, FreeSpirit Management is renowned for delivering exceptional customer service. This is evidenced by both the customer satisfaction ratings (ranging between 94-99%) and net promoter scores (ranging between 58-78) across NRMA's parks. Consequently, the parks benefit from a high volume of return guest patronage with families re-booking their next holiday prior to departure. Staff safety and development has also been a focus of FreeSpirit management. They have delivered safe work environments at all locations. In 2011, they were also recognised with a training award by the Caravan RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia for their efforts in training delivering high quality training to their park staff. Its has been an absolute pleasure working with Ray and Yvonne. They are both most professional and set the highest standards of integrity. I wish them every success in their next venture.

Tony Stuart, Group CEO, NRMA Motoring & Services

Free Spirit is a company with a personality. If they say they are going to do something – they do it. If we (as managers) don’t know the answer to something – someone is always there to help us find the answer. FreeSpirit brings passion to the table in everything they do. If they weren’t passionate, they wouldn’t succeed in the service that they provide. It doesn’t matter what your role is at Free Spirit, we all have a say. The next good idea can come from anyone, titles don’t matter. Every team member is encouraged to contribute ideas to help our clients, as well as help us grow as a company. While Free Spirit help our clients and guests today, they are always thinking about how to help them tomorrow. Changing the world happens one day at a time. We are delighted to be very much a part of the FreeSpirit team.

Alan Ball & Tina Powell - Managers, Hidden Valley Tourist Park

I'm Sean Gould the General Manager of Darwin FreeSpirit Resort. I have worked within the fold of the FreeSpirit family for more than two and a half years. During this time I have, with the help and support of the company, grown as a Manager and a person. FreeSpirit is a forward thinking and progressive company with an industry leading attitude, who have broken fresh ground in many fields of the industry. Examples of this are the online manual that contains all of FreeSpirits policy and procedure. This is available 24/7 for all employees and management to use as an invaluable source of knowledge. The other area which I feel is exciting is the ongoing training that is strongly supported and encouraged within the company. FreeSpirit has a full time Training Department to help any employee interested with advancement in their chosen field. FreeSpirit was awarded by the CRVA in 2012 for the companies ongoing commitment to training. The "FreeSpirit Way" is a term that is continually spoken about within the company and this "way" is I believe, governed by some basic core fundamentals that are the culture here at FreeSpirit, they are; professionalism, honesty, integrity, respect and support.

Sean Gould - Manager, Darwin FreeSpirit Resort

As the manager of a very busy holiday park, I find there is a lot of pressure and responsibility not only on myself but also the property owners, to ensure that policies & procedures are compliant and also provide a safe environment for all our guests and staff. The law is open to interpretation and is not always easily understood; the guidance and support provided to me whilst NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Park was managed by FreeSpirit was paramount in it's success and profitability over the last 5 years. Consumers are more sensitive to price, critical of customer service levels and overall harder to please than ever before, which is why it is so important to ensure that your business has the right skills, support and ongoing training, as is provided so efficiently by FreeSpirit Management. Through the mentoring, training, and the FreeSpirit policies and procedures (which are easily accessed via FreeSpirit’s online resource manual), I was given the confidence to deal with even the trickiest issues, and assistance was only a phone call away at any time of the day or night. More importantly, I always felt like I was part of the process when a new policy or procedure needed to be implemented and the information was tailored to suit the individual needs of the property and the great staff we employed. FreeSpirit has been involved with Holiday Parks for over 40 years, this experience is clearly demonstrated in their dealings with all aspects of contract management and training. I have nothing but the highest regard for all of the staff I dealt with at FreeSpirit and can guarantee that anyone contracting their services will feel like part of a very knowledgeable and caring family.

Belinda Thomas - Manager, NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Park

Policies & Procedures are such an important part of running any business and by having the expertise, guidance and support offered by FreeSpirit brings peace of mind and a guarantee that we are compliant and delivering a safe work environment for our staff and guests. FreeSpirit provides helpful, informative support in a professional way and their FreeSpirit Resource Manual ensures we have up to date information available to us at all times. Wendy Moon Owner/Director Beach Haven Holiday Resort, Ulladulla

Wendy Moon - Owner/Director, Beach Haven Holiday Resort, Ulladulla

Thank you! The FreeSpirit Operations manual has been a great help to us! Congratulations on the manual. It is easy to follow and has tremendous info. Thanks to all concerned. Wendy November 2014

Wendy Moon, Beach Haven Holiday Resort