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People Management – Dealing with “Precious” People

“Precious People” – Dealing with Hypersensitivity & Defensiveness If you’re a people manager it’s likely that you have been, or will at some point, be faced with the challenge of dealing with “precious people”. The draining influence of an overly sensitive or defensive person on both time and energy can be immense. Addressing the impacts of these people matters not only to their own success and your sanity, but also to the engagement and performance of the rest of your team. As tempting as it may at times be, to simply ignore people who constantly complain or over react, the only way to overcome the issue is to tackle it head on. Shifting the headspace, attitudes and actions of people who are hypersensitive and defensive is a critical priority for any leader and one that can only be achieved through hands on coaching. Influencing Change  Begin by expecting people to demonstrate emotional intelligence. Make it matter that people are self-aware and have the ability to regulate their emotions and conduct. Show respect and regard for how people feel, but expect also that they take responsibility for how they choose to think, feel and behave; including when times are tough or not to their liking. Sensitive people need to feel heard and understood. Having empathy and listening is critical to earning their trust and in turn being in a position to influence their development. To influence anyone, you need to appreciate how he or she thinks and feels. Understanding people will better enable you to challenge the beliefs and assumptions fuelling their concerns. Be empathetic while at the same time challenging people to choose more productive thoughts and emotions. When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get …Read More

Training and the Duty of Care for Employers

Australian health and safety legislation requires that an employer demonstrates a duty of care to ensure that workers are kept safe and that risks are minimised and eliminated wherever possible. If an employee lacks experience in their job role or worse, becomes complacent in their job role, they will be at greater risk in the workplace. This greater risk will not only “damage” the worker, it may also seriously impact on the actual workplace and the Managers, Owners or Directors that control the business.  Employees must be able to demonstrate competence in the relevant work tasks before they commence work. Hence the importance of tool box meetings, hazard identification, risk assessment and establishing a protocol that supports employees in being trained in their job roles. On the job training ensures that the worker understands how to perform the task (i.e. is competent) before it is done and this “greater risk” will be reduced or hopefully eliminated. The below table highlights HOW and WHY accidents might occur, and also offers an outline of suggestions on how to eliminate or reduce the liability that an employer may face if a workplace accident occurs: To ensure that every employee reaches their intended destiny, all employers need to provide the necessary qualified industry training to their individual workplace employees. If your workplace does not or cannot provide the necessary skills and competencies, please contact FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management. FreeSpirit has several very competent and industry leading specialists to assist you – either with certified training or employee skill development. Take the worry from your brow – CALL US NOW.   T: 07 5555 5200 PS: An added benefit/incentive to remember: the cost of training is minimal to the possible fines and criminal charges that an employer or other PCBU (Person Conducting Business …Read More

Train Your Staff To Be Service Superstars!

It is imperative to revisit training for all your staff members and not just those that are directly in front of your guests. When holiday park managers/owners schedule training for their team, they seem to concentrate only on those visible staff members (i.e. front office, housekeeping). Why is this? What about the rest of your employees? If you want to improve customer service levels within your holiday park, then improve or introduce training for all employees and do not forget to include managers/owners as well. Managers are not automatically expert customer service representatives. Some managers do interact poorly with customers, either through lack of training or just feeling uncomfortable with confrontation. All your team members/ employees need to be trained to provide the best service to customers, for they are the ones providing the holiday park with a nice profit every year. Training, Training, Training Proper training will increase customer satisfaction, which will in turn, increase profits. Yes, training is an expense and it comes off the bottom line. However, it should be viewed as a long term investment that will pay off at the end of the year. Compare your results from one year to the next. If you are up in percentage satisfaction scores then you have gained more customers as well as repeat customers, now that equals profit. If your scores are less, then training is required, and make sure it is the right kind; either in house or hire an experienced training company. Training must be ongoing to have value. It cannot be delivered once and then forget it. Consider Cross Training – Get a specialist sales person to train guest relations in the methods on how to UPSELL. Managers should be visible during busy check-in times. If managers are visible, employees will also be very …Read More

Customer Service – How do you stack up?

What level of customer service do you and your business provide? Over the last 5 years, we here at FreeSpirit have been busy developing and implementing our own, ‘ECS Factor Program’(pronounced X Factor). The program is based on the principles of providing Exceptional Customer Service. Our ‘ECS’ factor forms a key part of our staff training, and is the basis for the exceptional customer satisfaction results we receive (as measured in our detailed online customer surveys). Training begins with our front line team members with Sales Ambassador Training – encompassing “Identify, Qualify and Deliver”. Training then filters through to all departments depending on their job requirements and interaction with guests. The better the service we provide = leaves our guests with happier memories. Guests are important! Without them we don’t have a business. In conjunction with above, FreeSpirit believes in taking customer service further and providing a complete “Customer Experience”. Good service should be a given, and we strive further and ensure our staff to always deliver more – our guests want and are deserving of a positive and memorable experience. That positive experience commences with the first time a guest makes contact with us – to enquire about our product (and that is whether the enquiry is made online, over the phone or personally across the reception counter), right through to when they leave and via any communication, at any time, our staff members have with all guests. During every step of this process, our staff and product is on display, being judged, measured and memories of that experience catalogued for future reference and feedback. It is not enough to have a great looking property with all the latest facilities and fads, our guests must be able to “feel” the uniqueness of our property and what we offer. This …Read More