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People Management – Dealing with “Precious” People

“Precious People” – Dealing with Hypersensitivity & Defensiveness If you’re a people manager it’s likely that you have been, or will at some point, be faced with the challenge of dealing with “precious people”. The draining influence of an overly sensitive or defensive person on both time and energy can be immense. Addressing the impacts of these people matters not only to their own success and your sanity, but also to the engagement and performance of the rest of your team. As tempting as it may at times be, to simply ignore people who constantly complain or over react, the only way to overcome the issue is to tackle it head on. Shifting the headspace, attitudes and actions of people who are hypersensitive and defensive is a critical priority for any leader and one that can only be achieved through hands on coaching. Influencing Change  Begin by expecting people to demonstrate emotional intelligence. Make it matter that people are self-aware and have the ability to regulate their emotions and conduct. Show respect and regard for how people feel, but expect also that they take responsibility for how they choose to think, feel and behave; including when times are tough or not to their liking. Sensitive people need to feel heard and understood. Having empathy and listening is critical to earning their trust and in turn being in a position to influence their development. To influence anyone, you need to appreciate how he or she thinks and feels. Understanding people will better enable you to challenge the beliefs and assumptions fuelling their concerns. Be empathetic while at the same time challenging people to choose more productive thoughts and emotions. When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get …Read More

Employee Recognition and Reward

Employee recognition (making your staff feel appreciated), is a key ingredient in getting your employees to engage with your company. It’s an opportunity to publicly acknowledge team members who have performed exceptionally well and to recognise their individual and unique contribution to the team. This will keep team members motivated and by motivating your employees through recognition, it reinforces your company culture and results in improved overall performance. At FreeSpirit, we recognise the importance of having happy and motivated staff running the holiday parks/resorts we manage, and we have been recognised as an industry leader when it comes to delivering unprecedented levels of service to our guests. We attribute our success in this area to – employee recognition being earnt daily by our extraordinary staff, and our extraordinary leaders who are mindful of appreciation and service on a daily basis. Our employee recognition program was founded to ensure our FreeSpirit brand promise of ‘ensuring that every staff member and guest alike feels cared for, valued and respected’. There are several keys to our FreeSpirit employee recognition program and these key ingredients are: 1) Expressions of gratitude/appreciation come from the employee’s direct supervisor/manager, who is vital in influential on how employees feel about the company People join companies but leave when their managers fail to provide guidance, support and encouragement to help their team grow and excel. 2) The timing of the recognition is more important than the reward itself As obvious as this seems, too many managers seem to store their “thank-yous” until a later time. The worst hold all praise and feedback until the annual review. A verbal “thank you” done at the time of exceptional work is better than a financial thank you six months later. 3) Create a thank you program for your staff At FreeSpirit, we …Read More