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Conducting an Interview – our tips and tricks for being successful

Resumes (CVs) and Cover Letters are important. However it’s from the interview where most businesses will make a decision on who to hire. An applicant has the opportunity to shine or destroy their candidacy at the interview, and an employer has to decide after the interview who should fill the position. So for the employer, it stands to reason that the interview has to be done properly in order to make the best hire. Consider the following: • Ask Easy But Direct Questions The internet has now made it easier than ever to prepare for job interviews. Some questions eg, “Tell Me About Yourself” still have their place, but you have to make sure you’re also integrating questions they may not have prepared for in order to ensure they’re not reiterating knowledge that may have been sourced or practiced. • Establish A Formal Process To Enable Fair Evaluation Of All Candidates This is essential to allow every candidate an equal opportunity to get the job. Sometimes emotions can influence the interview process. Some candidates may excel over others when there no formal procedures to analyse applicants is in place. Not everything has to be fully objective, but there should be some type of objectivity component, like set, mandatory questions and a panel analysis strategy. Remember, statistics have shown that an applicant only reveals about 20% of their personality in an interview process. Consider having a workplace trial for a few hours or even a day – this way their full potential or limitations may be highlighted more appropriately. • Communication Try to have more than one person interviewing a candidate. Have an interview strategy (with a list of pertinent questions) in place to make sure that you’re being as productive as possible in the interview, and finding out all of …Read More