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Google Performance Ranking

The Best Way to Check your Park Performance in Google Google change how they rank websites many, many times every year. Google sets it own parameters for these rankings and unless you are very skilled at understanding these parameters or algorithms your website could end up being ranked so low that your clientele may never “find” you. It can also be quite difficult to check your ranking because Google also factor in “localisation and personalisation”. Localisation relates to the search results specifically for your location. E.g. If you’re in Brisbane and search “zoo near caravan park”, you’ll get different results to someone in Melbourne searching the same term. Personalisation will also affect your results if: • you’re signed into your Google account, then your view history and your social connections impact your search results. • or, perhaps, you follow someone on G+, the articles they write generally rank higher when you search on such topics they have covered. Algorithm updates, localisation and personalisation are the three challenges of rank tracking. Is there a way for you to track your rankings? Google Webmaster Tools is probably the most accurate tool to check your Google ranking. Anyone who has access to their website can set it up. 1. Log into or setup Google Webmaster Tools 2. Click the website you want to review 3. On the left-side, go to “Search Traffic” > “Search Queries”. 4. Note the filters and date range at the top. Use these to refine the data you’re after. The columns that appear are: Query: The search query used to make the website appear in search results. Impressions: The number of times one of the website’s pages appeared in Google’s search results. Clicks: The number of times people clicked from search results to the website. CTR: Click-through rate equals clicks …Read More

Social Media Marketing 101

DO and DON’T POINTERS for Caravan Park Operators There are so many social media sites to choose from these days! And it has become easier as well as more cost-effective for holiday parks to reach out to their customers via these channels. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow parks to connect with past, present and potential guests – whether they be local or international – via interactions, special offers and feedback. The trick to social media is to use it correctly, so take some time and learn the art of balancing social media posts – between posting infrequently or the reverse by posting several times a day and bombarding your guest feeds with posts. Here are some of our recommendations for the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing: Do’s • Make your first impression count Your profile page is the first impression that a guest has of your caravan park. The impact of your profile has to be powerful and to the point. The initial description should be precise yet innovative. • Paint an inviting picture Remember “A picture is worth a thousand words”, therefore, use great looking and inviting photos – consider the local attractions as well to encourage your guests to stay with you. • Target peer groups Social media marketing attracts and includes business of similar natures. Your presence in complementary pages can entice a lot of people to follow your page. Engage and participate in groups that are corresponding to your park’s profile like travel groups, local attractions and hospitality groups and build your network with them through posts, comments or shares. • Engage and get creative Use social media marketing as a platform to engage and interact with your guests. You can promote your special offers and discounts to entice …Read More

Use Facebook Contests as part of your Caravan Park’s marketing strategy

Facebook contests are good marketing strategies for businesses of any size. You’ve probably heard Facebook success stories from the big brands with large budgets. They often have elaborate landing pages, TV commercials, paid blog posts and celebrity endorsements. What about small businesses that don’t have thousands of marketing dollars to spend? Let us share this list with you to help get you started: 1. Tie your contest into current events Use a contest with a pending holiday season Eg. Easter break with a virtual Easter Egg hunt. Hide Easter eggs on your website each day, for a number of days prior to the time. The first player to find an egg and click on it wins a $20 gift card. All of the clues and hints to find the eggs should be posted on Facebook – smart way to drive people to your website.  2. Run a photo contest During the summer, run contests using your caravan park mascot (if you don’t have one create one or use your staff). Get your fans to tell you where and when the mascot will be at events, and if they snap a picture with the mascot and post it, they get a gift certificate as a thank you. Create a Facebook landing page on your fan page using the Wildfire app – Facebook guidelines say brands should run contests like this through an app. To promote one of the special features of your area or park, ask people to submit pictures of people using this area. Fans posted pictures of themselves enjoying the facility/feature. People vote on the photos, driving new exposure, and as a result, traffic continues even after the contest ended. 3. Play simple guessing games with your fans Run promotions at a fixed time each week. This gives your …Read More

Digital Strategy Tips for your Caravan Park

Gone are the days of running an ad in the local paper. If you aren’t online, your caravan park is seriously missing out! And by online we don’t just mean having a website. As the digital world continues to make an impact on how we communicate, caravan park operators need to change their ways and marketing tactics and implement digital marketing into their planning. Having a poor digital marketing strategy can mean you’re missing out on potential customers online – so if you don’t yet have one – get onto it asap! Here are a few tips to get started: Social Media  Social media marketing has become the origin of all digital technology. For many of us, it’s where the majority of our audiences spend most of their time. Social media provides instant updates, potential leads through advertising and has become a meaningful way of communicating with customers online. Ensure you make regular and relevant content updates/posts. However, don’t be fooled by opening up a number of social accounts just to be online. Discover what platforms work for you and your business and do it properly. Here are some of our recommendations: Google Maps Google + Facebook Twitter Instagram Facebook Ads (to allow for targeted campaigns) Social media can help also boost your search engine optimisation (SEO), for example, the more social media shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be. Content is key  Traditional marketing habits are becoming less and less effective in reaching your consumers. People are switching off from ways of the past and are looking for quicker ways to access the information they need, going straight online (generally from their mobile phones). Content marketing is now an important role in SEO. After the latest Google algorithm changes, your website needs to include high quality …Read More