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Privacy Checklist

FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management

Have you ever been asked about another employee or even a guest staying at your property?

The question may seem innocent at the time but it so important that you qualify the request BEFORE you hand over any information.
To ensure that you do not break any law on privacy, use the following 3 step checklist:

1. Is the request for information legitimate?

It may be required by a union official, health & safety representative or committee member to investigate an alleged health and safety breach. However, the worker records have to be directly relevant to a suspected contravention of health and safety legislation. To ensure that they are, you must understand what the breach is according to the official, and how the records are relevant. These documents must be essential in undertaking an investigation into the alleged breach; not something which may cast only some light on what has happened. If they are not directly relevant, the request can be refused.
Assuming that the records are directly relevant, you cannot allow anyone to inspect or make copies of a document; to do so would contravene a Commonwealth or State law, such as the Privacy Act 1988.

o If a stranger has walked into reception and asks which site a guest is staying on, STOP and go no further.

2. Are you familiar with the type of information that you may provide to ensure that you will not breach the Privacy Act? FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management

o Have you provided your staff with the necessary training and knowledge?

3. Is the identity of the employee/ guest protected?

o Unless you have their consent you cannot provide any information. Have you asked your guests for their permission to provide their information to any person who may enquire?

Everything you need to know can be found on our FreeSpirit on-line Manual (FOM).
Please feel free to click here and take a look around.
Username is: fsm
Password is: view

For full details of the manual (a complete almanac for operating your holiday park) and a personal viewing, please contact our office here.

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