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Keeping Your Employees and Your Own Self Healthy

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Perhaps you may ask, why bother?

Having healthy staff members who are energetic and want to work will benefit your business enormously, so step up and lead the charge. Encourage your employees to be healthy and active, lead by example; get those “endorphins” pumping.


Movement is absolutely essential for your circulatory system, immune function, posture and strength. It also helps to develop improvements in endurance, overall energy and plays an important role in your systemic health.
So find an activity to embrace and include it daily as a key part of your commitment to living well; your body loves to move!

It is recommended that we all exercise first thing in the morning and give yourself an energy boost for the rest of the day, however, aim for balance, check in with yourself regularly and try something different; your body will thank you for it.

STAND UP FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Mangement

Recent research has revealed that the Western population is now spending half of every day sitting down and it now believed that increased time sitting down is linked with poor health outcomes including the chance of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even the risk of early death.

Sitting for extended periods of time places a force on the body that it is not built to accommodate. One of the reasons it is deemed to be bad is because it disengages the pelvic floor, which is critical in supporting the lower back and lumbar spine.

There is also evidence available that suggests that exercise or physical activity will not undo the damage caused by prolonged sitting. Instead, it’s much better to stand up as often as you can. Both standing and moving involve more muscular contractions than sitting and burns around 50 more calories per hour.

If your day involves long periods of sitting at a desk or driving for example, try these tips to help create more balance:
• Stand up at least every 30 minutes and each time you use the phone
• Regularly change your posture
• Try walking or standing meeting at work; at least for part of the time
• Incorporate more stretching into your day
• Look into the option of using a stand up desk at work

BALANCE YOUR MOVES Balance-Your-Moves-web

Physical activity is important for overall health and impacts your circulatory system, immune function, posture and strength. It also leads to improvements in endurance, overall energy and will help you achieve optimal functional movement.

What you need to ensure, is that you balance the type of activity you choose.
Yang based exercise is predominantly an activity that needs you to expend a lot of energy and intensity, but is still functional. Yang activities work both the aerobic and the anaerobic system building upon alternating short, high bursts of activity with slower, recovery phases.
Options include spinning, boxing, interval training and running.
Yin style movements are restorative and help replenish your body’s energy. Yin activities need full participation of body, mind and spirit and include yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and walking.

Lifestyle today is often very yang oriented (by doing and achieving) and so you can push into hormonal imbalance if you do too much exercise. It is therefore vital for your overall health if you balance your choices and include both yin and yang activities.

To keep yourself motivated, try something new. If you usually opt for more yang and high energy exercise, try to be more conscious, slow down and choose a practice that is more mindful. Yoga, stretching and daily meditation are ideal. If however you are more likely to engage in a yin activity, this week try and increase your yang and choose something that is more dynamic. Whatever you choose, enjoy!

Stability is a key component to maintaining your physical health. Developing your ‘core’ function and improving your posture will ensure that your joints enjoy a long and pain free life.

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