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How “change” can drive the structure of a company

FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management

FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management was incorporated in late 2003 by experienced owner/operators of large holiday parks. The company aim was to sell their management and operational expertise to others; especially to the larger corporate entities wishing to expand their structures to include holiday parks.

But things change! It is difficult to fight against the forces of change so why not better focus your energy towards your own advantage. Perhaps a good analogy would be to ask this question “How many dinosaurs do you see walking down the street?” The answer should be none…and why “Because they could not adapt to the changes that occurred”. So to avoid extinction, embrace the changes that continually bombard you and your business. FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management

Some of the changes that every caravan park operator faces daily include: being business savvy, being insightful of analytics and interpreting data, honing good leadership skills, understanding technology and working through the sociology minefield required to understand employees and the changing market demands.

However, one of the biggest changes that our industry faces is compliance. It seems that the Australian psyche wants to “assist” each of us to be directly responsible for our actions and have introduced and legislated so many different acts, that each of us needs the equivalent of a law degree to decipher and then apply many of the expectations. Corporate entities especially are faced with these concerns. A director of a company can now be found personally liable for the actions of an employee that he/she may not have ever met. And the single operator faces exactly the same dilemmas.

Caravan Park operators are now being forced to “rewire their skills”. Capability, skill development and deployment are critical to achieving this. So how do you operate a business profitably and ensure that every aspect of compliance and daily operations are being addressed to everyone’s requirements?
The answer –

Empower yourself and your employees with knowledge.

FreeSpirit recognised the importance of training employees to keep a company/business profitable. A founding member of the company had an education background and recognised that knowledge is only useful when everyone has it. Keeping intellectual knowledge to just the senior persons in a business simply does not work and as a result, the Training Division of FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management was created. At that time, FreeSpirit had over 400 employees, so it was a big ask for someone to take on the task of training. However, enthusiasm prevailed and the process started. Many successful outcomes were achieved internally which enabled many of our employees who thought they simply could not learn or be trained in anything to be pleasantly surprised, achieving Certificates or Diplomas. One 63 year old employee was actually named Trainee of the Year in NSW. Most importantly, the business benefited as our employees were using their knowledge, introduced new procedures and they challenged suppliers – one park saving over $3000 in the cost of cleaning supplies in the first year.

However, as stated above, change is inevitable and must be embraced. As FreeSpirit was having great success with their internal training regime, it was a logical business opportunity to offer our skills and knowledge to other operators and their employees. It is not absolutely essential to have a nationally accredited qualification but the individual skill sets that can be embraced are invaluable for a financially and socially successful business.

To complement and assist with the delivery of the training provided, FreeSpirit offered all employees access to the company’s intellectual knowledge via their online manual. This award winning electronic compendium provides the answer to nearly every question that a caravan park operator or employee may ask. It is specifically tailored to the caravan-holiday park and resort industry and kept up to date with every new law or requirement. New articles are added on a weekly basis and hints and tips to save costs and build revenues are also provided regularly.

This manual of electronic information is now also available for others to subscribe to.
Please feel free to take a look and view some of the documents by clicking here.

For viewing purposes, please enter the Username: fsm  and Password: view

This snap shot will provide an insight into the depth of information available. This “knowledge” and training will assist every operator and their employees to meet regulated compliance issues and provide them guidance towards being business savvy.

To be successful and remain competitive, businesses must embrace change, knowledge is required and training is essential…

FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management

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