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About FreeSpirit

A FreeSpirit experience is different to most! We strive to be one of the nation’s leading management companies for all aspects of holiday park/resort/hospitality management.

Our History

The FreeSpirit innovative “spirit” has been evolving since the 1970s.

Officially founded in 2004, FreeSpirit is a privately owned management company whose directors were previously (or are currently) owner-operators of large and successfully run holiday parks. FreeSpirit evolved to provide full operational management support and consultancy services for corporate owners, who did not have the experience or desire to manage the properties. So FreeSpirit was formed to help these owners, create profitable, positive destinations.

Our Experience

  • 100+ years of operating, managing and developing 20+ properties across 4 states
  • A team of professionals strategically aligned within specialised divisions
  • Track record proving (and improving) value for our corporate owners
  • Continuously developing the properties under our management
  • Award winning

FreeSpirit has a dynamic and progressive culture, is customer service driven, and brings together a team of people passionate about making a meaningful difference every day.

Our Team

Our most valuable asset. These people (our staff members) are provided with opportunities for learning and personal development in a supportive environment. They are challenged to think outside the norm and to bring innovative working systems to the group.

Our Guests

Always provided with exceptionally caring, personal service and a memorable experience. Without their business, our industry would not exist and FreeSpirit believes that everyone should strive to take care of the guests needs. Known as our “ECS factor” (pronounced “X”)…

Our Corporate Owners/Clients (Family & Friends)

FreeSpirit consistently source opportunities and implement procedures/solutions to unlock the potential of the business,so that profits can be maximised and the value of an asset increased. Our reporting systems and financial management tools are leading practice.

Our Communities

FreeSpirit recognises the importance of supporting the local communities in which we live and work and we take great pride in “giving back” (where we can).

Our Environment

FreeSpirit consistently strives to educate and encourage all staff and visitors, to work co-operatively in building a sustainable future for the local areas in which we work. We actively promote practices that reduce our carbon footprint and keep our properties “safe” for all to enjoy.