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7 Ways to Improve Your Ranking on TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor continues to be a growing community in the travel space, and the annual TripBarometer survey found that online reputation management is the top priority of hospitality businesses in 2015.

For travellers, TripAdvisor presents a reputable source of information on all types of hospitality businesses, including holiday parks. A positive ranking and rating can have a tremendous impact on the visibility and number of visitors you receive. So what can you do to make your holiday park stand out from the pack on TripAdvisor?

1. Have an up-to-date profile

Ensuring your holiday park’s TripAdvisor page is up-to-date is the first step in improving your presence on the site. Photographs should be current and professional quality. Address details, amenity details, and information about your property should also be accurate and detailed.

2. Provide amazing service

This may sound obvious, and should be on the agenda of every holiday park. However, when travellers experience remarkable service, they tend to remember it. Even better is that they tell their friends, and go online to tell the world about their experience. This social proof element has become a critical part of travel, and the first step in achieving excellent ratings and reviews on such websites is to truly provide genuine service that has customer satisfaction in mind.

3. Be honest and transparent

In a world where there are so many hospitality businesses and countless holiday parks to compete with, travellers are looking for genuine options. By remaining honest and transparent in everything you do, from your profile page to the property advertisement, to the services on offer, you will earn respect and appreciation from your guests. This includes responding to feedback that is submitted directly or on TripAdvisor. Guests love knowing that their feedback is received and noted, even those who leave negative reviews.

4. Offer value

Travellers like to feel that they’re getting good value from their stay. This means that the more you can include in their rates, the more satisfied they will be overall. For example, some of the biggest annoyances that travellers vocalise is the lack of included Wi-Fi and breakfast in accommodation. When determining what to include in your rates, think about what your visitors may expect or desire, and go from there.

5. Be passionate about what you do

It’s no secret that happy, passionate people create positive ripples. When you and your staff are positive and provide exceptional service, your visitors will remember this above all else. Making people feel at home and happy to be visiting your holiday park can have a profound effect on your TripAdvisor ratings. The attitude of staff and owners tends to be one of the most vocalised frustrations on TripAdvisor reviews.

6. Be proactive

After visitors have checked out of your holiday park it’s good practice to email them, thanking them for their visit, and asking them to provide a review of their experience. By providing them with a link to your page, and stating that you honestly would love to hear their opinion of their stay, they can and will easily leave some feedback behind. It’s important that you’re consistent with, as TripAdvisor will penalise your ranking if your reviews are not consistent and recent.

7. Manage complaints and negative reviews

The best way to handle negative reviews is to respond to them. Many people delete their negative reviews after they have been engaged with or responded to. Other times, it’s a great way for you to explain a situation and apologise for any mistakes that may have been made. Being honest and engaging is the first step in gaining and maintaining respect from your visitors and potential visitors. It is also good practice to respond to positive reviews as well, thanking visitors for their stay and hoping to service them again soon.

With TripAdvisor reviews having such an impact on travellers and their research, maintaining a positive profile is very important in keeping your holiday park on the map and in good standing. Following these tips is a great way to try and keep on top of things, but remembering to provide good old fashioned hospitality is the first step in running a quality holiday park.